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  • Harold and Maude
    I LOVE this movie. Love it, love it, love it. About celebrating life, reveling in our quirks...and all with a delightfully subversive twist. (did i say i love it?)
  • The Princess Bride
    Bow down before William Goldman's story, the cast, and Rob Reiner's direction. It gets better with repeated viewing.
  • The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
    Drag queens, ABBA and my beloved Australia. Am I in heaven or what? (i was living there when the movie debuted, making it all the more precious to me...)
  • Cinema Paradiso
    If you love movies, it's hard not to appreciate one that is about why people have love affairs with movies.
  • Dazed and Confused
    Last day of school, 1976. (i sort of remember it...)
  • Muriel's Wedding
    Another debuted-while-I-lived-there Aussie flic with lots of ABBA in the soundtrack. Say no more.
  • Annie Hall
    Neurosis, New York, love and relationships. These are a few of my favorite things.
  • The Jerk
    Just looking at Steve Martin in this cracks me up.
  • When Harry Met Sally
    "You know Helen and I were like this...picking out drapes and tiles. And then the next thing you know, you're singing 'Surry With the Fringe On Top' in front of Ira!"
  • Pleasantville
    OK, maybe it's a bit obvious in places, but I can't help it - I get completely and totally sucked in, and by the end I'm weeping.

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One-Line Bio

With no lid on the universe, the possibilities are endless.


Writer, meaning-maker, non-denominational Rev, permission giver and creative type ... on the road of bringing my gifts to bear in the world so they are joyfully received and appreciated, and I'm (delightfully) well paid to do it.

(poof; it is done ...)


I learned about infinity when the Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Someone - I'm pretty sure it was a teacher at the end of the school year - told me that the astronauts would break through the earth's atmosphere on their journey into the sky, and somewhere in the course of this conversation, I remember hearing that the sky was infinite.

When I learned what infinite meant I nearly blew a gasket; I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

I remember lying in bed at night trying to conceptualize a sky that had no end. For some strange reason I imagined a ladder made entirely of cows going up, trying to find the sky's ceiling. Each time I’d create a artificial lid in my imagination, the cows would keep on going up, up, up - totally out of control like the cloning brooms in Fantasia.

Then I’d imagine god (at the time i was into the big-guy-with-a-beard-in-the-sky concept) putting his hand out to stop the cows, but they’d push right through his hand and keep right on going. This nearly fried my 8 year old brain.

The idea terrified me - without a container for the sky, I figured chaos would reign and all manner of horrors were possible. While I had a pretty happy childhood, there was also this inner Woody Allen inside me telling me not to get too comfortable, and the whole infinity thing did not help.

Eventually (ok, in my late 20s) it dawned on me that if anything horrible was possible, then amazingly good stuff can happen too.

And while I still fight my inner Wood-man, there now an inner Yoda too and he kicks Woody's ass pretty regularly. So when I entertain infinity these days, I know that good is possible, and I'm making it up as I go along. (oh, and the force is with me) :)


What can you say about a 40something woman who paraphrases the beginning of Love Story to begin a bio?

That she is fabulous and peculiar, complicated and not, that she loves pop culture and unrestrained self expression, and music, theater, film and docu-tainment on VH1.

That she believes in planning and dreaming, and also knows she's in trouble if she starts to think she's actually in control.

That she lives in Joisey now, and she left much of her heart in Berkeley, CA and Sydney, Australia.

That she will never regret getting part of the Australian flag tattooed on her left shoulder two days before she moved back to the US from Sydney.

That this construct is getting old.

Yes indeedy, I'm making it up as I go along.


- At last count, I had over 30 nicknames. (i'll write a post about them sometime)

- I worked on a cruise ship on summer breaks between my senior year in high school and my first year in college, and during two summers during college. (it was NOT like the love boat...)

- Once my father asked me what my ideal work-life would be, and after I described it he said: "You're a dilletante!" - like it was a bad thing.

- Almost all of my junior high crushes turned out to be gay. I was a fag hag before I knew what one was.

(and speaking of fag hags, one of my dream lives is to be the jewish margaret cho...)

- I have been keeping a diary/journal since I was 11.

- My primary creative outlet is writing, but I also do collage, play a little bit of guitar, sing and take photos. I also facilitate writing groups and non-denominational weddings/commitment ceremonies and these feel like a huge part of my creative expression. (i like making meaning no matter what the canvas ...)

- The first time I was published I was about 10; I'd written a poem about my baby brother.

- I've been married and divorced. I count my ex as one of my best friends. My stepson wants little to do with me at the moment (he's 21), but when he's not being 21 and grunting/ignoring me, he's a great kid and I'm proud to still be called his stepmother. (we are the poster children for the blended-extended-upended family of the new millennium!)

- There are two degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and me. (i'm sure he's couting too...)

- Did I mention I lived in Sydney, Australia for a spell? Loved it.

- And Berkeley, California? Loved it too.

- I have an uncanny ability to remember song lyrics and trivial factoids from the 60s, 70s and 80s and if I could figure out how to make a living at this, I would.

- I think the aforementioned song lyrics, etc. have taken up the space in my brain where math and linear/organization skills should be.

(you can learn more by reading the blog...)


australia - bezerkely and the whole bay area - road trips - blowing bubbles out of the sunroof of a car (oh, 70s and 80s (i can sing the themes to tv shows i never even watched; it's sort of freakish) - ny big city of dreams - sydney, how i miss my honda!) - walking/hiking - being by water - peaches - everything., (one of the challenges that i have with infininity is that there's so much delicious stuff to pick from. but some of the stuff that rises to the surfa