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August 12, 2005


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Carol Ross

I couldn't help but smile all the way through this posting. It speaks to creating something from nothing and not caring whether anyone else likes it because you like it.

BTW--When I read this posting, it made me think of words that sound like they are made up but aren't. Someone wrote me an email and used the word "miasma" and I said, "Say what?" Okay, so the someone was a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism. Maybe newspaper reporters are allowed to use 50 cent words. So tonight, when my son told me that his homework assignment was to find 20 words in the dictionary that were new to him, I offered up "miasma." He said, "I already know that word. It means something like fog." "Say what? How do you know that word? I'm forty-four years old, have two engineering degrees, and I don't know that word." To which my son replied, "It was in a video game."

"Say what?"


'Misunderheard' is one that I believe (can't say for certain that no one else ever used it) I coined some years ago.


hmmm ... I've been back and forth to this post a few times, trying to remember if I've ever invented a word, and so far, I'm drawing a blank. How boring is that? I did, however, used to love Sniglets ... the made-up words from that guy on Saturday Night Live in the 80s (Rich Hall, was it?). In fact, I named my cat Sniglet ... she was a fluffy camel-colored persian.

One of my favorite sniglets was 'hozone' ... the place where all your stray socks go when you do laundry. Finally solved THAT mystery!

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