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August 26, 2005


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Too damn funny Uncle Debbie! Now ... Go away little girl, before I beg you to stay.


Yeah, I've been starting to get real irritated at the "classic" music stations. Since when did Peter Gabriel and Crowded House become Classic rock! I find myself shouting at the radio, "That's not an oldie! It only came out in the 80s you idiot!"

Oh well, now that I've gotten here I'm happy to find that being my age is a lot younger than it was when the old people were here. ;-)


Let's look at it this way...if you're 40, how long do you figure you're going to live? 80? You've hit middle agedness-osity-iscious! If you figure you're going to live to 75, you've been middle-aged for 5 years! Welcome to the club of folks who prefer aging to the alternative!


Donny Osmond's a grandfather? That's it! Time to start coloring my hair ... damn, I'm OLD! The worst part is that this post made me realize that I could potentially become a grandmother any day (since Ryan's 19 now ... but let's not go there).

Actually, I saw Donny in concert a few years ago (... and I can't believe I'm admitting this in public!). He was touring with Jim Brickman, so it was more of a bonus. Anyway, I had no idea what an amazing voice he has (... guess I was always too mesmerized by his looks when I was 10). He sang a romantic duet with another one of Jim's 'friends,' (Ann somebody, I can't remember her name) and damn near made me cry ... so, so good. The guy actually has talent, and seems like a nice person besides (we got to briefly meet everyone after the show). Anyway, girlene ... grandfather or not, Donny's still got it.


Where it stops me in my tracks is if I watch a movie or something on TV and think, "Oooh, he's kinda hot!"...and then realize I'm old enough to be his MOTHER. :)

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