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August 01, 2005


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I remember all of those commercials although I wasn't really into hair care products at that time, I just used whatever my mom bought. The only thing I wanted my hair to do was look like the Fonz on Happy Days. Never quite happened.

I do hear the phrase "The wet head is dead" that I think was from a commercial for some hair product back then. I think of that when I look at the rock band posters on my son's walls and see a new post grunge greasy "I've been living in a van for weeks and haven't showered all that time" look staring back at me.

It's like if the wet head was dead then it's now come back from the grave and is marching around worse for the wear.

The return of 80s big hair would be a welcome change from this.


Goodness ... I remember PSSSSSSST too, though I never would have remembered the name, and it WAS like fake snow. I think Ron Popeil has just taken it, colored it brown and black, and now sells it as 'hair replacement' ... have you seen those commercials where he fills in the bald/thinning spots with spray-on 'hair' ... can't remember what he calls it, though. Boy, do people come up with some wacky things or what?


I remember ALL of these, except Lemon Up. Yeah, PSSSST was CRAP...it *was* like giving yourself dandruff...and it left my hair feeling really weird. (The home remedy version was cornstarch! I remember reading that in magazines.) I'd forgotten that we used to call them "creme rinses." I was a heavy user of Herbal Essences. I had hair down to my waist in the early 70's and used to love how H.E. made my hair smell. I know they still make it, but can't imagine that it's the same potent formula.


I always loved the Herbal Essence commercials that were organic... orgasmic... organic... orgasmic...
Green shampoo... who uses it these days?


Deb - I, too, am always looking for my reading glasses, yet am proud to admit that I remember PSSSSST! In fact, I actually used PSSSST! once. It was like giving myself dandruff. Or like that fake snow you spray onto Christmas trees - yep - I'm pretty sure it's the same stuff! I still miss Lemon Up. And then there's Crazy Foam, which is just not the same even though you can still buy it. Herbal Essence doesn't seem the same either - or is it my sense of smell that has changed?

I love your blog and thanks for coming to visit mine - I'm not as lonely as before ; ) and James says hi. I'll definitely be back to see what crazy yet totally normal subject you expound upon next!

xoxox, Chris Pepper-Wong

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