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September 12, 2005


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Here are a few ...

www.podapic.com ... you know how the iPod commercials feature those cool images of dark silhouettes with the white iPod wires, etc.? Well, at this site, you can actually get one with your own image ... for a fee, of course ... but looking through the gallery is a lot of fun, too.

www.dontdatehimgirl.com (don't you just love that URL?) ... heard about this one on the radio on my way to the doctor's last week. It's a site where women can go to rat out a guy who cheated on them, or who pretended to be single when he was really married (shocking, I know!), all in the name of sparing their sisters from the same fate. One can also search on a guy to see if he's listed. I'll need to share this one with all my single girlfriends :-)

Finally, here's another cute diversion, along the lines of the 'paperdoll' site, only this one features Stinky the Skunk: http://www.kimandjason.com/e-cards/create.php?card_id=155.


Don't have any diversionary links...but since you're a Star Wars purist, just thought I'd tell you that they filmed part of "Return of the Jedi" in my hometown. Part of "E.T." too. (The redwood forests? All there.)

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