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September 26, 2005


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I was sitting in the salon chair last night...and as the color set (and my enormous gray roots began to disappear) my stylist asked if I'd like a magazine. Yes, please. She handed me the October Vogue with Gwyneth P. on the cover. I actually have a Vogue subscription, but only because it was a gift. So I was sitting there reading about Gwyneth at Valentino's recent show...and how she langorously turned to her photographer friend in the row behind her and said, "I'm getting too old for this." I agree, Gwynnie...I think I'm getting too old to read Vogue. ;) I completely understand how/why you'd have a fabulous time at the B/M show...AND why you'd be happy to be home again. Congrats on trying out your performance stuff...let us know how it goes, huh?


Yes -- glad to have you back indeed! Sounds like you've been having quite a few adventures without us :-)

Congratulations on completing your Writing for Performance course!! I had forgotten you were going to do that. How exciting about the 21st. I would be pooping in my pants, of course, but that's why I love brave people like you ... because I can live vicariously.

... which brings me to Planet Fashion ... oh so funny, especially the line about trying to dress as if you might possibly belong at a fashion show. I laughed out loud because I tried to picture myself doing the same thing and it did not compute ... at all ... and the line about the shoes ... well, having walked the streets of NYC when I worked in the city for a year (hmmm, that line doesn't sound too good ... just to be clear, I worked for a reputable company, in an office, and not on the streets) ... I could feel their pain (and laughed out loud again). They are not kind streets ... but, there sure were a LOT of shoe stores along the way, between Port Authority and Two Penn Plaza ... maybe just in case ours gave out.

It's fun to check out other worlds, isn't it? It's especially fun when one can just quickly pop in, and then go home to our comfy couch :-). Thanks for taking us along.


Glad to have you back!

What an adventure. Would love to hear more about this performance thing that you are working on. Please, do tell.

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