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September 07, 2005


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Your feelings are very legit. I'm close to my mom and dad, and whenever something exciting happens in my life one of the first things I do is call them to share it with them. Even now I have thing lurking thought in the back of my head that wonders if anything will be quite as wonderful when they are gone. Will I enjoy it as much if they are not there to tell about it.

I, myself, don't think anyone effected by the storm would begrudge you your sense of loss. After all, it's all loss, isn't it. And it all hits each of us hard when it's that personal. My prayers go out to you.

And it's good to try and reclaim the joy in life. Good for you. That's the way to not let the bad stuff win. No one teaches us that better than a New Orleans funeral. Have you heard of them? Where after the casket is lowered into the ground, a band stops playing mournful music and strikes up party tunes. All to remember that this is a sad day, but it's also the celebration of a life. Always good to remember that we are so sad because it was so good.

Keep making it good. I'm sure the city of N.O. will be doing that as absolutely soon as they can. It's their nature. It should be for all of us.


We finally switched off CNN last night. I'll of course switch it back on again tonight...but even taking a break for a couple of hours felt like a much-needed respite...a time to just BE and live my life...


I had that same thought the other day ... if only it was as easy as cleaning our plate to help people who are without food in other parts of the world (or the country), I wouldn't even mind the extra pounds.

Oh honey, I hear how much you're missing your mom. I'm glad you took time to go to the beach, cook, etc. Somehow being by the waves always soothes me, too (as does cooking).

Sending hugs and love ...

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