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October 30, 2005


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Sign me up for the nihilism band, please.


You have got to figure out where they get those wrist bands made. I'm sure you could get them done cheap. You have got to make those PMS bands. (Maybe Maria could sell them at her jelwery shows!)

Don't forget the men though---with "where's the remote" wristbands and such.

The Bleak wristbands remind me of the posters at Despair.com----have you seen those?


Oh my god ... those are so funny!! Let's see, in the last couple of days, I could have used 'Anger,' 'Despair,' 'Apathy,' 'Gluttony,' 'Sloth,' ... heck, let's be honest -- I could have used all of them. No wonder they come in sets. One is not enough. And I like your PMS set too.

The McPhee site looks like a riot. I like those bacon strip bandages. Too funny.

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