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October 09, 2005


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Daisies are my fave, too...although my tattoo is of a Marguerite daisy. (I took one to the body artist who designed right from the real thing for me.) :)


I finally discovered where I can catch up on you Debs! Great to read what's up with you! Sorry I didn't yet make that phone call. I still wanna chat!



This is so totally what it's all about. I just think too many people underestimate what mountain top experiences weekends like these actually are. People need to stop and smell the daisies sometimes, not just the roses.

And I tell my wife all the time: comfy clothes--like a sweatshirt---worn right are sexier than a whole drawer full of lace teddies (to me anyway). I'm glad there is another in the world that can concur.


GORGEOUS flowers (... made more gorgeous by your photography)!

Yes, that rain on Saturday ... wow ... it hasn't rained that hard in a long time ... was kinda cool hearing the noise it made, though, knowing we were warm and dry inside with our two furry creatures, who were very sleepy all day.

I'm glad I don't have HBO, because I hear so much about Six Feet Under. I can't possibly fit in one more addiction.


That IS a luscious weekend! Gerber daisies are so cute...they almost don't look real...like toy flowers (in the best sense)... :)

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