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November 06, 2005


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I love this sentiment - so true!


I like the drawing and quote. I clicked to enlarge; nice detail.


OMG, I love that quote! It reflects alot of what I'm going through right now with my singing! Some days I lose confidence in myself. Thanks for posting that Deb.



oooh, i love that quote! and the swirls and words surrounding it. i'm so glad you're doing aem. yes, it's all about just creating, no judgement, you've got it.



One thing I'm realizing through aem is that the same thing that applies to writing applies to art-making ... being a writer is not about whether you're published or not ... it's about whether you write. If you write every day (or thereabouts), you're a writer. Same with art, I'm discovering. It's not about whether your painting is hanging in a gallery. If you make your own 'art' every day, you're an artist. And so, we all are.


This isn't a subtle way of telling us you're heading into the city for the Van Gogh exhibit, is it? (You of the fabulous adventures...) :) Very nice.

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