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November 03, 2005


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Yay! Another AEM participant! Cute collage. I, too, have always loved to collage...and it's been YEARS since I've done it. Definitely a fun bed activity. :)


i'm so glad you're joining in deb! cool collage!

i actually love to make art in bed. i sometimes spread out a old big blanket over the bed, so if i get glue or paint on it, it doesn't matter, then I prop myself up with pillows, have water on the nightstand and spread all my materials out in front of me. the only challenge is keeping the kitties off! :-)


Oh DEB -- what a great surprise! I'm so happy you're doing AEM too. Yay!!

Love your collage. You look so cute! And that quote by Stein ... truer words were never spoken. I'm a-keepin' that one.

Happy art-making :-)

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