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November 13, 2005


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Love the shot...and you look gorgeous.


You look gawh-geous, dahling!! Seriously ... great makeup job and a cool picture. The eye doesn't look overdone at all, and the sparklies are great. Mmmmwaah!


ooo, purty eyes! or eye rather...you can do my make-up anytime.

lol...metrohetero? that's cute kerstin. for some reason tho i was reading it like meterohetero which is awfully fun to say.


I am really _loving_ finding out what everyone doing aem calls art, because it's so individual and fun!


P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog and your beautiful comment.


Beautiful shot, you have lovely eyes :) If I am hetero and saying this to another woman does that make me a metrohetero??

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