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November 08, 2005


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I LOVE THIS POST! I have a daisy tattoo and there's a big, long story behind that...and this conversation from H&M is so sweet and perfect.



Wow, well what do you expect from a site that calls itself Belief.net. That's pretty cheesy to begin with. (Woops, as you can see, I'm clearly not into the esoteric.)

I like what this astute person commenting on the site said:

I think this whole article is silly. The idea that we should put our money where our values are is a valid one. We can't always afford to do this, but if we CAN afford to, and we don't, then maybe we should take a closer look at what we claim to value. I won't shop at Wal Mart because their policies are bad for workers, shoppers, the environment, and the local economy. I try to buy food that has been grown/produced responsibly. I enjoy trying new things, including belly dancing. What's it to ya?!


Oh, I love this. So very true, that quote (and I'm guilty as charged).

Thank you!


mmm, that is a lovely image and a great quote. :-)


I love the image, and the sentiment.

I really do need to see that movie...

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