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January 12, 2006


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I think I am in the honeymoon period too, I love this process. Except for the morning pagaes. Those suckers are like the rain on my creative parade some days. I find it impossible to make time for them in the morning, and some mornings I pretty much write three pages of, "the baby is crying, my son just told me he is hungry, my hand is getting tired..." and on those days I think that it is the biggest waste of time ever.


I agree with Kat--artist dates are whatever we want them to be...that's why they're fun! I thought initially I might feel a bit constrained doing AW with a group (I'm not really a group sort of person), but I'm finding that it's freeing up the process for me. Because there's such a wide variance in how people are implementing the AW tools in their daily lives, it gives me the freedom to do the same. I can put my own spin on it.


So happy you're on this journey too! It's neat doing it in this format and reading about other people's experiences ... as opposed to doing it on one's own, which is what I would typically do ... plus I am discovering all sorts of good insights and ideas in what other people share, so it expands the impact of AW for me exponentially. I'm liking it a lot!

As for structure, focus, etc., yup, I could use some more of that myself ... and it seems to be just as critical when you know what you want to do as when you feel like you're wandering lost in the woods. Interesting.


Hey Deb, this is great that you are joining us!

I think I must be one of few people who have never done the AW before and therefore I am probably more relaxed about it than most because I have no expectations. But like you there is the time issue creeping up, all of a sudden I am finding myself to be very busy with life! And I am not even trying to be an artist per se, or to recover my creativity. But this is where I am similar to you in that I am hoping that this creative exploration and expressing will help me figure out what I want to do professionally.

Mmm, and yes, I remember albums, too. Vinyl. Playing in the woods, coming home at sundown, exhausted from all that fresh air but red-cheekily-happy. I remember no computers! Maybe this is what appeals to me about AW too, that it gets me away from staring at a square box all day and forces me to do things such as writing with a pen and going out into the world!

Happy creating :) Kerstin


what a great post deb! and i think your artist dates are absolutely perfect. they're meant to be whatever fills you with delight and you did just that!

so glad you're doing the aw with us. :-)

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