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January 27, 2006


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'Cept you're purtier than all those other chicks...


Hey Ms Deborama, stopped by for a visit - love that you want to interview Jon Stewart -You would be PERFECT - talk about taking the lid off - whoohoo - I would LOVE to listen in! I might be naive about matters concerning celebrities - but have yah tried the direct approach - like asking him, or his agent? Does he have a blog?? What blogs might he visit? you could post your request somewhere where he might see it?
All for now-Good luck on this!


Sadly the who-do-you-look-like site doesn't work with Safari, but apparently they're working on it. Love that handwriting site and will definitely try that out. The nagging site, too, might be just what I need to get my life in order! Seriously, the stuff people come up with ... These days I dont' do much browsing around the web looking for cool stuff like this so I am glad you do! Thanks :) Kerstin

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