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January 17, 2006


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HA! Kat's comment cracked me up (just the image of you two racing toward Jon while trying to trip each other...) Hey, did you catch your pal on Project Runway judging the garden dresses?? (Thought of you when I saw it.)


Really ... I can't believe the guy doesn't have a blog ... can you??!

Have you checked out this site? http://www.jonstewart.net/faq.html. It's the 'Jon Stewart Intelligence Agency (an unofficial fan club). There's an address there and some other info. and cool stuff, even if it's not much help on your assighment. Sorry I don't have any actual connections.

Good luck girl!


If I had any insights, contacts or information I would most certainly send it your way but, alas, I don't! I just wanted to say I love that you are putting this out there and asking for help in the boldest way possible. I think the simple act of living in possibility is half the battle. Good luck, and if you get to interview him, tell him Swirly's a huge fan!! ;)


Drat! All my connections to anybody have LONG since faded. However, I believe we are all so very connected and I will post a plea for you on my blog this weekend. Hopefully Kat will will be the connection you need.. GO KAT!
Oh and will you share him with me when you get him...? Pretty please?

p.s. I too LOVE Harold and Maude! I have it on dvd but just last week a friend and I went to a midnight showing of it at a theater in Seattle. I hadn't seen it on the big screen since 1979.. oh what a joy it was to see it all larger than my tv!
I had the biggest dorky grin on my face for about the first 20 minutes, I was just so excited to be there.


oooh, this will be interesting! I've got no leads, alas, for Kansas is not a hot bed of celebrities. But good luck!


haha! this post rocks!! i also have the major hots for john stewart and i might trip you if we were both racing towards him. ;-)

as it turns out, one of my bf's friends used to be a producer on his show, so it's "possible" that he may know someone who could help you out. i'll put out the feelers. no guarantees...but yeah, that six degrees of separation thing is crazy yes? :-)

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