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February 27, 2006


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Good for you - you did a great job!

You can't help that others weren't honest - you followed through on what you wanted to do, and that is very cool.

Too bad they didn't follow up with you - it would be a great story, and so much better than most of the stories I've seen about him.


Yay for talking to Jon Stewart, Deb! Sorry it didn't work out though. But it made a good read anyway. :-)


what a fantastic experience!! you talked to jon stewart!! :-) and yeah, you did kinda just write the story. :-)


"I'm sorry I didn't get to write it. (on second thought - maybe i sorta did.)" BINGO. My love for Jon Stewart has just grown exponentially, as much as I would have thought that wasn't possible. Having dealt with a few celebs myself, the fact that he even made time for the interview AT THIS TIME IN HIS SCHEDULE speaks volumes, I think. Pat yourself on the back for this one, sister, job well done...didn't have the outcome you expected...but then, what does? ;)


What a bummer. But how very cool that you got to speak to him!! This was no small feast that you and your editor had set out to achieve. And you did it, you spoke to Jon Stewart who I now definitely must take a closer look at. I think that you handled all this - the sales pitch, the interview, the tap dance and even the rejection - with style and grace. Good journalism Ms Cooperman! :)


ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh---one of my internet friends talked to Jon Stewart! How cool is that!

Maybe friend is too presumptuous (can I call you friend Ms. Cooperman?).

But seriously---this was a fabulous story. How much fun to even just be able to say you had a nice conversation with the man. The people from the Apple stores who have helped him all have been quoted online saying that he's one of the nicest celebs that they help.

I had a friend who was working on a project (that later didn't get off the ground) where they wanted to adapt the movie Nightmare Before Christmas to the stage. So they got to the point where they had a number to call Tim Burton's people.

So they got on the phone and called the number and the line picked up, "hello".

They introduced themselves and the project and how they would like to speak to Mr. Burton.

The voice on the other end then said, "Yes, this is he."

How crazy is that? The couldn't believe Tim Burton answered his own phones!

This was a great adventure. I hope you have many more.

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