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February 13, 2006


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I'm another one in the hate-winter-but-can-be-ok-with-snowstorms camp. I'll tell you that I complain a lot less now that we have a snowblower.

I'm also for moving to a warmer place. Just tell me, I'll go.

Sorry Deb for being a deliquent commentor. I'm gonna change the error of my ways. Thanks for sticking it out and keeping going.


Hey Deb! WOW, that is some snow! Hate to tell you this...but while you were having your whiteout, we were having record highs (in the low 70's)...but just so you won't feel bad...the temps dropped quickly...last I heard the snow level was down to about 1,000 feet...so it's chilly even here. (And yeah, I can hear you getting out your violin for your poor Northern California pals...) ;)


Really ... I can't believe that snowball on eBay!

I hadn't heard the 'Weekend Whiteout' tag. The one I heard was 'The Blizzard of '06,' which leaves me wondering ... what if we get an even bigger one than this one ... which you *know* is still within the realm of possibility. What will they call that one now that they've used up 'blizzard' for the year?

As you know, I'm not a fan of winter or snow, but like you, I figure if it's gonna snow, it might as well snow a LOT, because that's when it looks really pretty, and when it feels good to hunker down and get cozy with some hot chocolate, a fire, and a good blog or two.


How about this!?! Snowball from said storm on EBAY. Give me a break.


Nice photos of the snow!


lol, yeah, the fiansor and i were laughing about how the weather people were so hyped up about the storm. i mean, come on, it's new england people, it snows here, no need to name it!

oh man, i've wished i could convince my entire family to move to a warmer locale too, but it's not happening. my favorite part about the winter though are those days like sunday where i just had to stay in and cozy up and watch movies all day. love it.


But that snow look so pretty! Remind me to mail you some nice pictures of us cross-country skiing on the lake. Its no mean feat when the 46 km Ammersee freezes over....that means its been cold here for like, forever!


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