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March 07, 2006


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blissness ... I so like that. Rhymes with 'business,' and in 'I'm in blissness for myself,' or, 'I love having my own blissness.'

I confess that I've watched the Chris Bliss video many times now, and also use it for a quick pick-me-up sometimes, esp. if I'm having a tough or really hectic day. I watch Chris do his thing and think,'see, if it's possible to juggle like that, then I can make this business fly, dammit,' and I get back to work, inspired by both the video, song, and sense of possibility they fuel in me for some reason.

I imagined Marilyn feeling fidgety and thought about how there are lots of times during the video when I'm sort of jumping in my seat too because I think he's going to drop a ball this time ... even though I've seen it bunches of times and he never ever does :-), but each time I watch it, I'm still amazed all over again.

I watched the other stand-up video clips, but didn't read any of his articles, so I will go check out the other links you gave us. Thanks!


Okay, this is highly disturbing. Although he's surely gotta be the world's best juggler (truly amazing)...what does it say about me that watching that clip made me feel really ANXIOUS? I couldn't WAIT for it to be over...and (confession) I finally had to stop it. I used to own that Beatles album, but haven't heard that song in probably 30 years...kept thinking, "How long is this damn song?" I was seriously squirming in my seat. I'm sure a shrink would have a field day with this. :)

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