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April 12, 2006


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I'm glad to hear that there wasn't a lot of painful noise and ripping and tearing in this change. I was concerned about that. Sending prayers for good things your way.


Deb, I'm glad this part of the transition ... a part that's pretty yucky, in my opinion ... is behind you. I hope you're feeling at home at your friend's and, while sad and melancholy about the ending of a relationship that had sweet parts, nurturing yourself and dreaming about the future. Like Marilyn, I, too, look forward to seeing how your life unfolds from here.

Love and hugs until we talk soon. :-)


Physical and emotional decluttering can do wonders and I admire your courage and spirit during this transition of yours. Like Marilyn said, it will be interesting to see what this new chapter will hold for you. I am wishing you lots of good Chi, Deb.


Can't wait to see how this next chapter of your life unfolds. Hope you've found a comfortable place to settle as you transition into this next phase. Holding good thoughts for you.

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