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April 20, 2006


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Deb, don't you just love livin' the laptop life? Congratulations. A great new purchase to start off your new life, I say.

Ah, yes, change ... well, I could write a book about it. Several books. Along the way somewhere, I actually started to like it, or at least accept it. Now, I *never* expect *anything* to last ... not jobs, not friendships, not relationships, not addresses, not bodies ... nothing. Makes life easier in some ways, not being so attached, though a teeny part of me still hopes the good things will last, of course.

And yes, NJ in the spring is quite glorious indeed. Winter, not so much ... but spring makes up for it ... until December rolls around and I forget all about it.


Love the Dilbert saying. :) I always love when you reminisce about Berkeley and the Bay Area. In all the years I lived in Marin, I don't think I ever went to Muir Beach. (I KNOW! Can you imagine?!) But Tennessee Valley beach outside Mill Valley? God, I loved that place...loved the 2-mile hike to/from just as much as the little beach. (Did you ever go there?) Thanks, as always, for your kind comments. We just never know what life's gonna throw in our paths, do we? Change is hard. But when folks have had as much of it as you and me, it's nice to know that it doesn't make US harder...just a little more appreciative of when it's not around so much. ;)

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