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April 30, 2006


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Rather than lie about your age you can definitely BOAST about it with pride, because you look a hell of a LOT younger!! During my years of internet dating (now there is something to, maybe, lie about) I have come across more down adjustments in ages than I care to remember. Yes, guys do this, too (sorry Maria!). The worst offender was a man who claimed to be 48 but in reality was 62! He was right of course, I would have never considered a date with him had I known his real age, it would have saved both of us an awkward hour.

I am jealous of your bed space, I miss it!! I used to love reading and writing all snuggled up in my cosy bedroom, in fact, I blame Tom for my reading deficit. I always thought it was totally unromantic to ever consider separate bedrooms but, as much as I love his company day and night, I am kind of beginning to understand the appeal. Enjoy the space while it lasts.

Overall you are sounding pretty upbeat and I am glad for that :) And you have given me something to think about ... infintity and god ... source of all things ... food for my searching soul.

Hugs, Kx


I just returned last night from a SOLO 4-day road trip...and it occurred to me while I was gone that maybe I just need to take a few of those each year...there's something to be said for moving to one's OWN rhythms. :)


Hi Deb! You should write about "nothing" more often, he he. I know what you mean about the age thing. Like admitting the other day to someone that I remember the original of "These Boots Are Made For Walking." That's like one of the first songs I remember liking! I can't deny all my sixties touchstones. But for a striving middle-aged singer songwriter its kind of hard. I worry everyone will think I'm too old! Woops this isn't supposed to be out me.....

keep writing....



Deb, you sound so good, so ... free. I'm glad your new living arrangement has been such a wonderful fit for you, and that you're reconnecting with the pleasures of having your own space. It is pretty yummy, isn't it? And now that you have a laptop, well, you aren't only limited to writing in your journal in bed. Woohoo!

I agree with you on the age thing. I have a good friend who looks way younger than her age and always struggles with this. Not a good way to start off a new relationship, though ... sets up all kinds of doubts from the get-go about what else one might be concealing. Guys don't lie about age. Their marital status, yes. Their age, no. ;-)

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