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May 12, 2006


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Why did this post JUST NOW show up in my Bloglines?! I love this post, because I loathe shopping...although I can kill a good hour in either a Target or a bookstore. :) Love the shoes you found. Although I used to be a shoe-horse, these days (especially post-five-years-in-only-flip-flops) I'm into comfort...especially because schoolwear can be SO casual. You'll appreciate that I spotted a pair of these for $10 at Ross yesterday which J threw in his cart (we were there to shop for HIM, after all)... :)



Oh brother ... I can't believe it took me almost a week to comment on this post. If I don't do it as soon as I read it, days and days go by.

Well, first off, you looked super cool and super happy in your new shoes when I saw you Saturday, girlene. And really, who can look happy in some of the torture devices the shoe designers dream up?

I remember being in my mid-20s, when I was still wearing pretty high heels to work every day, and going shoe-shopping with my sister, who would only look at flats. I was like, 'Eeeewwww ... everything you pick out is so flat and ugly.' She just looked like me like wise older sisters are wont to do, and said, 'Just wait a few years.'

What do I wear now? Flats ... although wedgies are back, and I did love me those when I was younger. I may just have to hit DSW next week. My shoe collection right now is so truly pathetic. But seeing how thrilled you were with your new shoes has inspired me to think I *can* be both comfortable *and* comfortable!


I am not a shoe person either, and I fell in love with the same black pair sandal/sneaker thing you have a picture of on your site!! That was back in Feb/March. And despite the fact that they were expensive (I pretty much refuse to spend more than 25 on a pair of shoes) I just had to have them. I wore them all over El Salvador and loved them!!!

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