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June 04, 2006


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This was FUN, Deb! I keep learning new things about you with every post, in addition to things I already know, like your uncanny and vast knowledge of pop culture. The chocolate-chip cookies I didn't know about, though. You've been holding out. :-)

... and thank goodness for that very determined sperm, huh? (even if it meant your mom had her hands full there with the two of you so back-to-back). At least you weren't twins.


Some great answers here, Deb!

I am with you on your regular perfumes although I don't know any of the first tier ones. I hope mine wasn't too much for your supernose when we met, I tend to overdo it at times because I can't smell it myself anymore. With your keen sense of smell you should definitely read the book "The Perfume" by Patrick Suesskind, it's very compelling.

Also really liked your quotes, they are all new ones to me.

By the way, it is typical Capricorn to not really follow the horoscope thing! :)) Alas, as you have discovered, there are some intriguing findings to be made when having your chart read. A 'good' astrologer can pretty much nail your personality down to a good sized tee.

I enjoyed this :)

Hope all is well,

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