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July 13, 2006


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Glad she's okay...


Deb, I've been terrible about posting comments lately (... life's been hectic taking care of my own patient, but nothing as serious as this). I'm so sorry for your sweet niece, and so glad it wasn't any worse ... because this is certainly bad enough!

I hope she is healing and feeling much better already, and that your sister is over the shock ... so scary, those moments when there's a seismic shift and your world goes topsy turvey. Maybe at least one good thing is that it's the summer and she won't have tons of schoolwork to make up or have to navigate around on crutches in the winter (... just rying to find the silver lining in all this).

Please keep us updated on her progress, and hugs to you, her caring aunt.


god, that's scary...for her, for her family, for you. and things like this certainly do throw things into strong relief. life is short and precious and you never know. thanks for the reminder.

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