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August 12, 2006


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This sounds great. I heard about Feedblitz a while back and bookmarked it so I could check it out later, of course, and haven't yet ... so thanks for doing the legwork, Deb. I'm going to sign up now to see how it works, then add it to my own blogs.

I didn't think Bloglines actually emailed out the post, though I know you can have a little 'notifier' icon in the lower-right-hand corner of your PC that goes bold (or maybe red) when there's a new post to one of your feeds. Then again, maybe they do have an option where you can receive the post by email and I just missed it. So much to keep up with these days in that fast, infinite (couldn't resist) Web, after all!


Clearly these are friends who aren't familiar with Bloglines. ;)

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