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August 23, 2006


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aw... am so envious... god!!! it looked like me talkin!! :) and know what... am so happy for you... one less monday-grumbler (like theres a word like that)


Congratulations! Hopefully, they've cleaned up all my mistakes by now! Give everyone hugs from me! :-)


Congratulations! Hopefully, they've cleaned up all my mistakes by now! Give everyone hugs from me! :-)


I thought I was pretty up on your posts, but here's how clueless I am--I didn't even know you had a job! Seriously! I thought you were a freelancer! I understand the paranoia about not wanting to write about work grumbles (though that never stops ME...ha!), but I didn't pick up that vibe here at all. That said, I'm thrilled for you that you've found something you feel you'll love. YAY!


Deb, I've already told ya how happy I am for you, but reading this, I'm even happier. You deserve all the luck and happiness you get and I hope you knock em dad at this place!




And put me in the line of people patting you on the back. Huh, someone in the world making a living doing something to do with theater. Who would have thunk it was possible.

Much kudos to you! I look forward to hearing of the many new adventures this will lead you on.


Deb, I'm doing my little happy dance for you!! Woohoo!! You go, girl!

Lots of wonderful new beginnings in your life, eh?


Congratulations Deb!! You are right, this does sound like the perfect job for you and I am SOOOO pleased that they made the right decision and gave it to you! I can so see this being up your street as far as both your skills AND interests are concerned, well done :)


Wooo Hoooo! Congratulations. I am sure that you are going to kick some booty. As always, you put so many thoughts in my own head into words and remind me of what is possible in the world so here's to new challenges and getting all you deserve!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is such exciting news - you are an inspiration. They are so fortunate to have YOU in this position - one you have been preparing for ... for your entire professional life. YAY!

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