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October 28, 2006


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Deb, it's so great to read about how positive this job move has been for you. I'm really thrilled! I also sense a great deal of appreciation for this position, despite some of the challenges (long hours, crazy workload, etc.) ... guess that's one of the hidden benefits of struggling in other jobs/endeavors ... is that we're so much more appreciative of the good.

... and a window with that view is GOOD my dear. It's BETTER THAN GOOD ... especially now with all the fall colors! (I don't know if I personally could ever work somewhere without a window again.)



I'm so happy for you! You deserve this great job. You go girl! :-)


The nice thing about that view with the snow coming (and I'm totally with you on the whole hating the snow thing), is that the white stuff will also make that view pretty amazing, I'm sure. And watching it come down will be nice from that vantage. Keep us posted!

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