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December 14, 2006


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I'm totally on deck to do this. Just finding the time! I'll report back in a bit when I've been able to do it. :-)


Next time we meet I want to see the tattoo! These are very interesting answers. Would you be a different star sign had you been born on time? My sister was six weeks early and is now a Capricorn instead of Pisces, I have often wondered about this impact on her astrological personality. (My knowledge of astrology is limited but I love it!) It's a good thing we are more careless when young, otherwise we'd be missing out on a lot of valuable and great experiences, such as your amazing sounding cruises. I haven't done this meme before, so just completed mine. Take good care, Deb, Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! Kerstin x


These are all fabulous answers! I think I've done this meme about three times...and, seriously, I've completely run out of things to tell. :)

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