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February 03, 2007


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Verna Wilder

Did you know that the best time of the year to go grocery shopping at the most popular, parking-lot-is-always-full grocery store is during super bowl? I found this out accidentally years ago when I needed to go to King Sooper (Boulder, Colorado, USA) and I had to work up the courage to go and when I got to the parking lot, I thought, "Oh shit! They're closed!" because there were few cars in the lot and then I went inside wondering if I'd find it empty, would I wander the aisles alone until, like the other shoppers, I dropped into a grocery black hole? Ever since, I have made a point of doing a huge grocery shopping on Super Bowl Sunday, but the trick is you have to make sure you go AFTER the game starts so you don't run into the oh-my-god-I'm-out-of-salsa crowd.

And by the way, your last line made me laugh out loud. Thanks!


Oh dear, I am so not into this, football is way beyond me and the only sport I will ever watch on TV is the soccer world cup. Which helps me at least understand the American obsession with Super Bowl, that's your equivalent. Enjoy the party!

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