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February 18, 2007


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I love it! Ryan has been ordained by the Universal Life Church and performed a committment ceremony for our friends Anna and Ellen. Our friend David, who married us, got ordained for our wedding as well.

It's such a wonderful thing!

Miss you!


As you might guess, I'm all over this Universal Life Church stuff. My mother's been one of their 'ministers' for years and has performed several weddings...including my brother's third and his ex-wife's second...ha! One of the weirdest connections about this was when my brother (he lives here) was sitting in a bar in JFK a few years ago, killing time before a flight, and he struck up a conversation with the guy next to him. One thing led to another...and it turned out our mother had married the guy! (He'd married our childhood friend.) In September, my stepbrother who'd been so ill a year ago married his long-time live-in love...and his best friend became a minister for the occasion...it was really touching and sweet.


Reverend Deb, I've been meaning to tell you that I think this is the coolest thing EVAH! And that you are just perfect for the 'job' (and title). You will bring not only respect and reverence to the events, but also your special presence and wonderful, unique Deb-ness. What you create will be beautiful and memorable. Congratulations!!

BTW, I love that picture of the two girls looking on from across the street. Precious.


Dear Rev Deb,

Welcome to the sister/brotherhood. I'm thrilled that you now have The Power vested in you.

Is that like The Force?!?




I can see you do this! All this actually reminds me of a friend's wedding in Germany many years ago where I was asked do the English translations for her Canadian husband to be. It was a little nerve wrecking as they hadn't given me much notice and I had to deliver the translations without any preparation as the registrar went along, in front of the whole wedding party. Anyway, the weirdest part was to say at the end "I herewith pronounce you husband and wife". My friend's husband gave me a smirky kind of look and told me afterwards that he almost did NOT feel married because I was good old K who they used to get drunk with, not suitably serious enough to pronounce them husband and wife! But I have to admit, I felt honored to share their special moment this way. Good luck in April, Minister Deb!

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