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April 05, 2007


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Well, I think you know how much I relate to this post. What really struck me was the paragraph on being embarrassed about the impact winter has on you. Me too, though I didn't realize how much so until you put it in those very words. YES! That's it. I feel like I should be happy and shiny all the time, regardless of the season or whatever else is going on ... and if I'm not, I'm clearly not with the program, or I'm just being 'negative,' (which feels especially taboo now, what with the success of The Secret and all). Probably all my own crapola/head trip. Anyway ... it's nice to know I can come here and whine about winter once in a while. :-)

I've looked into the lights too, but haven't taken the plunge (denial that I need 'help,' perhaps). I hear they do help!


Having just spent a week traveling with my youngest niece...yes indeed, family moments beat all.


Hang in there, baby. Sun is coming! And this production looks fantastic. Seems like their community theater has go it goin' on.


oh, i so hear you about the winter. i often think, why couldn't my family have ended up some place warmer?? but then i'm just glad we didn't end up in texas. :-) yeah, and i get embarrassed about my issues with winter and depression and get caught up in the thinking that if i were just better, smarter, or something i'd be fine. blargy. bring on the sunshine and warmer temps!

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