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August 13, 2007


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i think it's wonderful that you were able to maintain such a great relationship with your ex and step-son. that's awesome! my parents definitely did not go down that route. heh.


Nice article! This is such a tricky situation sometimes though. My parents have remained 'friends' all these decades later...but they're not really...it's really just my mother's insistence that she always be included (if possible) whenever one or both of us 'kids' does something with our 'folks' (Dad and stepmother). I would HATE it if J's ex-wife was always around. I think it depends on the personalities involved...and the hidden agendas that can sometimes come into play. But in your case, I'm glad it's worked so well for you!


Great article! Congratulations, Deb. What a fun one for the life scrapbook.

It was nice to see a post from you again. I was beginning to worry. :-)


How cool is that!! Amicable divorces or break-ups aren't for everyone, sometimes it is easier to not be reminded of bad times by staying in touch. But if the relationship was based on trust and love then why not continue as friends? After all, you each occupied an important part of each other's lives and to lose that may leave a big void. How exciting to be interviewed about this in a magazine!

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