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December 08, 2007


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Remember the TV show Northern Exposure---where the NY Doctor gets trapped in a little Alaskan town? They had an episode about using these lights during the winter long dark. One of the women finds herself responding to the light in a manic frenzy and sort of gets addicted to it. They have to have an intersession for her---very funny.


Interesting. I've heard about these lights for years but had never actually seen one. I'll be curious to hear what kind of difference it makes for you over the course of the winter. And I know you'll completely understand when I say that as we were hitting 101 to head home yesterday--on a beautiful, cloudless day--I said, "What a gorgeous day. That's why living in California is so great...the WEATHER." What I should have said is that living in POCKETS of California is great for that reason...'cause lord knows, growing up where I did in the NW corner, I could have seriously used one of these lights. :)

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