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December 31, 2007


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Hey, you, Happy New Year! What a recap! Sounds like a grand time all around! xoxo


Congrats on a wonderful holliday. (But you didn't put the link to your friend's EP in your post. Could I get that? I'd love to have a listen.) :-)


Sounds like my kind of holidays! Catching up with family and friends, I love it. When it's as condensed as it usually is over the Christmas season I am often left feeling emotionally exhausted, but also very happy. I like how you describe your relationship with your ex-husband, it sounds healthy and wonderful to me. Like you say, not every can or wants to do this with an ex-partner, but it's nice to see that it is possible.

After a jam-packed trip to Cologne and London for Christmas we also enjoyed a quiet New Year; I used to love a good party but this is not so important anymore.

Sending you warm wishes for a wonderful, happy and healthy 2008!

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