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January 13, 2008


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Piercing the Veil

haven't snowed here since before christmas too ... sunny but chilly

good evening


Totally know the feeling---you capture it so well. I don't like cold either, but one can't help getting a little excited when the big dump is possibly coming.

Then the dissapointment when you are left holding the bag. Double that when you face a morning breakfast table full of kids who were counting on not having to go to school and then are informed that their hopes have been dashed when mother nature stood them up.


Well, WE got it all a bit further up north! Spring-like temps yesterday only to wake up this morning and the world is covered in a thick white blanket. And, uhm, yes, the college has announced a snowday, hurray! So I get to catch up on my blog reading :) Stay warm, my friend, it may still move your way, too ...

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