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March 05, 2008


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have you heard of dr. nicholas gonzalez? NIH funded him for (a huge amount - i think one million) to study his cancer regimen, the largest grant ever awarded to study an alternative treatment. after a couple of years, he cancelled the study because of how they set it up - standard research design with control group, blind selection into either the chemo/radiation route or gonazalez' treatment - but his program is so rigorous - via diet and over a hundred pills a day (enzymes and other things), and chemo and radiation so passive - that folks who wanted the traditional treatment balked at how much effort they were asked to put in, and folks who wanted alternative treatment balked at getting radiation zapped and ill from the chemo.

he had chosen pancreatic cancer for the very reasons you mention in your post - that it's supposedly incurable. but his numbers are wild, off the chart. in his regimen, there *is* a survival rate for cancer, even pancreatic, and it's high. his website is http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/ and there are several interviews and things there.

i found him when i was doing my research project with the ny dept of health on complimentary alternative medicine and chronic disease. blew my mind. and if i ever get cancer, i know who i'm going to.

he won't take folks who've already had chemo or radiation treatment, though as he says that they literally alter the body in a way that is permanent. i've seen that over and over in my own holistic practice, folks who still can't think straight, chronic fatigue, bones badly damaged - aching, porous. and now the studies of how secondary cancers are now starting to roll in from chemo/rad from years back, not to mention lymphedema and all sorts of other issues.

sorry for the rant. i read the swayze article too and have been thinking of it all morning . . . as well as following pausch's treatments and updates . . .

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