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March 27, 2008


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Look how behind I am...3 months! (I'm determined to get through my Bloglines this weekend!) ;) Thanks always for your sweet comments. Life has just been so damn...(sigh)...stressful lately. But I'm on summer break now and hoping to get back into the swing of things. I just had to comment on this because about a week ago, I saw a guy standing on the corner (we live downtown) in a t-shirt and ball cap and as soon as I passed him, I thought, "Was that Lewis Black?" And then I thought I was, of course, insane to think the man might be standing on a street corner in sleepy little downtown Davis. But a couple of days later (next day?) I heard him interviewed on NPR about the death of George Carlin...and they were speaking to him from Napa where he was performing. Hey, Napa's only an hour away...maybe it WAS him. ;)


Hello there! Been a while since I popped in--much sorry.

Glad to hear you are having some smiles and laughter in your world.

And frankly, given your track record with celebrity that you have documented here on the blog---my money is on you meeting him. :-)

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