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April 06, 2008


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I STILL haven't seen Annie live...someday. (I think she, like me, lived a long time ago on a houseboat in Sausalito.)


Hey---we got to see Annie a few months back, too. The wife and I were on a rare date and we grabbed the 'happenings' rag at the place we were eating, and while thumbing through it we came across an article that said she was coming.

Due to some controversy with an original engagement, she was coming back to a different venue and, wonder of wonders, she was going to do the show with no admission price! So we could actually go! And we did!

There must have been about 1500 or more people in this concert hall that was secured for her. When my wife and I finally got there it was starting to fill up pretty good so I was thinking we go up and see if there was room in the balconies. But the wife said no, let's see what's down front. So I humored her and as we walked closer and closer to the stage the crowd got denser and denser. Then when we turned the corner at the front row to come around and go back the back, and there they were---two seats right in the very front and center! I couldn't believe it. Like they had been saved for us or something. We asked around to see if they were reserved or taken, but they weren't. We were like 10 feel from her for the performance.

The wife had such an intense introspective experience that she cried on the way home with all that was churning around in her head. It was quite a night.

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