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November 11, 2008


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Good for you! Unfortunately, I would have probably been the woman who didnt say anything and regretted it later....but that is exactly whats wrong w/ people. You give me pause to think about why I be silent. After all...the man who said the slur in the first place wasnt silent. And neither should the person who disagrees. I think people get too caught up in not wanting to raise conflict, and we shouldnt. Conflict can be polite too. Good for you!


Admiring your guts as I read. Well done. :)


Right on!


Could be, of course, that this guy was the same people who tried to paint Obama as a Muslim terrorist, or those who didnt want him in the White House because of the color of his skin...conscious racists and anti-semites do exist, of course. But, chances are this was more like an example of the unconscious sort of racist that were the real concern of the Obama campaign strategists. Hed honestly say he doesnt believe he has any prejudices against Jews, though subconsciously he has simply accepted that Jews are a different sort: money-hungry, exploitative, and dishonest. Then again, he could really have learned this as a figure of speech, just as we as children learned to call Asian people Oriental or call a chocolate candy Nigger babies: In which case, like us, one polite correction will raise his consciousness on this forever. Anyway, come on back to Jersey and well all Jew you up! s

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