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December 03, 2008


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There are lots of ways to be creative besides making visual art. I enjoy visual art and I found it tough to do every day for a month. I often find myself creatively craving to do a whole slew of different things, like cooking/baking, writing, photography, arranging some new houseplants on a windowsill, or I just wandering around an antique store or good old barnes and noble for that matter. Blogging in itself is a creative outlet, writing, linking etc. Start writing and linking to other blogs and then one day you can sneakily slip in a link your new anonymous writing blog and we wouldn't even know it was yours.

Verna Wilder

Hi Deb! If you ever create an anonymous blog as a place to publish your other writing, I promise not to tell the other kids if you let me in on the secret. I go through something similar, wondering sometimes what the difference is between my writing notebooks and my blog, in terms of content. For me it isn't so much about what I do or don't reveal - it's about the way in which I reveal it. From the beginning of my experiment in blogging, a different voice took over, a voice that I can't access in my notebooks and sure as hell can't get at in my journal. Isn't writing just the darndest thing?! I don't get it, but I am learning to just let it flow. What comes out - in blog or notebooks - is often a lovely surprise. I'd love to hear more about your creative process.

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