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March 04, 2009


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-I don't think that feeling uninspired is writer's block. Maybe it's like taking a breath or something. A momentary pause in between the writing. I love that article on writer's block by the way. Lovely delicious advice. "Choose, write, get inspired. And then write some more." No folly there my friend!!!!

-I too am excited about DST. I just went outside in the sunshine with no coat on and almost fainted from the delight of it. Come on spring.

-I am so glad you've discovered the Firth/Darcy phenomenon. I was so disappointed when I watched the movie of P&P that came out a couple of years ago. That Darcy was not Firth and therefore not Darcy. I frankly don't see how anyone can ever play Darcy when he is alive in the form of Mr. Firth.

-I completely agree with the panties/not underwear philosophy. I'm frustrated that so many of us girls discount the power of the pantie! The boys truly are grateful - and that can only be good for a relationship.

-Love the Fifty People/One Question site. Us humans are so fascinating.

OK, I'm done. You may not post as frequently as you would like, but when you do dahling you make it good :)

much love

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